Where is the Line?

Forthman Murff - Accidental Chainsaw Decapitation

September 7, 2018

A 74 year old Mississippi lumberjack had an especially gruesome accident in the Summer of 1984.  Forthman Murff was cutting down trees alone as he'd done for decades when one of these trees struck several others on its way down.  This led to a shower of heavy branches one of which landed on Murff and left him momentarily unconscious.  When he came to he found that his left leg was broken, and his left foot was crushed.  More troubling than that though was that he had landed on his chainsaw and it had cut through the front of his neck all the way to his spine.  His head was left attached to his body by only his spine and a bit of surrounding tissue.  Forthman managed to get medical attention after hopping out of the woods on one leg while holding atop his shoulders his own nearly-severed head.  In this episode we speak with a relative of Forthman Murff who shared stories with us about his favorite fun-loving uncle.  We also embarked on our first ever Where is the Line? road trip which we managed to fowl up.